Understanding Indian Families for UX Designing

July 11, 2020

User Experience (UX) designer goal is to assist users to become effective and efficient. User experiences must result in a defined key outcome, which could be enhancing the feel-good factor; or could be saving time; or could be making life easier. It was very clear that the first and foremost aspect of doing UX meant studying the entire process of the individual’s experience and their subjective opinion of their life’s situation.

The Core Audience

At 2getherments, we researched many family typologies and dwelled in detail about one of our core audience: the double income working couple, who are young, have a child or two and are busy. They are living in nuclear families. Their parents come once in a way to stay with them. Often, they are independent, working on balancing their careers and family. We realized that they need a whole set of support systems that will contribute to their happiness quotient.

True Happiness Quotient

Happiness quotient is often addressed inaccurately by the industry providing granite flooring, 2 or 3 additional facilities in the Club House, and other cosmetic features. But they are not going deeper in terms of understanding of user needs, how do we build, and measure those solutions in the real world to see if they work.

Qualitative conceptual research: We researched several similar families, who were all double income couples with kids, with and without dependent parents. One of the critical aspects of UX design is to understand psychology. We realized that we need to understand subjective thoughts and feelings such as what is the users’ motivation to be here in the place, how does this design experience make them feel, etc.

Quality family time

It emerged from our research that one vital factor that was sorely missing these families is their time together and with their family. They probably, on better days, had a couple of hours in the morning before they left for work and a couple of hours when they returned home. For them to make the best of these quality hours, they needed to communicate in open spaces with fewer walls to separate them. At 2getherments, one way we addressed this need is by creating Time Earning Habitats. Our (Your) homes are designed in such a way that everybody is visible and audible to one another. Additionally, the seamless architecture ensures that they have enough space to hang out together while watching television or listening to music or working or just doing things they love collectively and individually.

At 2getherments, we will be issuing periodic insights on such topics.

Connect to us at contact@2getherments.com, if you’d like to know more.

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