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CALL US : +91 80 9960 9960

Over the last 30 years of progress,

we have gained a few things

while we’ve lost a few others.

Things we Hold dear

A sense of belonging
A sense of belonging

Everybody came together naturally

Our Communities
Our Communities

Spending quality time with the people around us

Our Engaging streets
Our Engaging streets

They were full of life and social interactions

Our extended Families
Our extended Families

Quality conversations with each other

And now,

These are what we are left with…

We come home to lonely Spaces
We alienate ourselves in the name of privacy
Our Streets are just monotonous corridors
We’ve stopped spending quality time

A new Typology of vertical Indian Living

Bring back our streets

Bringing back our Communities

Bringing Subjective Homes

We have identified multiple families and designed a different experience for each of them. Starting from there, our process ensures that your home is as per your aspirations and your family’s lifestyle needs.

Active 50s with Dependent Parents
Active 50s with Floating Kids
Working Couple with Kids
Working Couple with Kids and Dependent Parents

Experience your Journey with us

Our Process