Thoughtfully Crafted User-Centric Solution for Busy Urbanites – Part 2

July 14, 2020

Welcome back! In part 1 of the article, we spoke about empathy interlaced into the design of homes at 2getherment. In this part 2, we share about User Experience Research Design.

At 2getherments we know that if we need to create a remarkable home for people, we need to understand the user experience. Our focus was to ensure that we create the right kind of customer journeys. We looked into your lifestyle and here we have an offer for you and your family; a concept of subjective home.

The Role of usability in UX design

UX design is meant to make every day chores easy and everyday items to be handy. Whether it is a water bottle, school bag, badge, Saturday school dress, you name it. At 2getherments, our endeavor is to create Time Earning Habitats.

Functional design that makes lives easier

Simple stuff in life is made very complicated often when empathy is lacking. Take the case of colored and white clothes getting mixed up. Why would we want to waste precious time trying to segregate the laundry? We created specific cupboards to store laundry to make it simpler for your domestic help or for you while handling the chore.

Providing users what they need even if it meant spending more

We, as architects, believe in being guided by empathy, intuition and research while creating APT homes for the residents of 2getherments. From the compartments for crockery and cutlery to plate and spoon holders, we have made provisions for every requirement.

More room per sft.

How would like to use the same space, for more than one purpose? – Multi-tasking space which could be transformed according to your time of usage or convenient preference. As designers, we identified efficient ways of spatial usage to offer you with better, multi utilizing or functioning spaces; and hence, getting more room per sft. For example, the sleeping space at night can actually be used as living area in the mornings for other conveniences.

Clear documentation – the fourth dimension

Beautifully organized lists of features at individual and community level which are easy to find is another well thought out aspect which you’ll find at 2getherments. We only have our unconditional empathy to thank, when it comes to envisaging and understanding several such micro aspects which go beyond surveys and research.

At 2getherments, we will be issuing periodic insights on such topics. Connect to us at, if you’d like to know more.

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