Reviving the Essence of Community Living

July 3, 2023

In the earlier days, neighbourhoods were vibrant communities that shaped the lives of those who resided within them. Neighbours knew each other, shared stories, and provided support, creating a strong sense of togetherness. Those were the days when intergenerational mingling was a way of life. We were closers to people rather than to concrete. This way of living opened many doors to inspire and get inspired by each other. Our neighbours naturally became our gurus. However, as urbanisation accelerated, the essence of a community began to fade, leaving behind impersonal living spaces where neighbours became strangers. On this day of Guru Purnima, we write this blog an ode to all the heroes, our neighbours(extended families), from our childhood who acted as our gurus. We will delve into the importance of reviving the essence of community living, and the benefits it brings in our fast-paced world.

The Benefits of Community Living:

Embracing community living brings an array of benefits to our lives. Studies have shown that a sense of community positively impacts individual well-being and mental health. By fostering social engagement, providing support systems, and nurturing a sense of belonging, communities play a vital role in creating a fulfilling living experience.

As Indians, we were always dependent on each other and learned from each other to achieve great heights in life. We are born social beings. Back when our neighbourhood aunty was our tuition teacher, uncle was our mohalla’s Sachin Tendulkar, grandma was our cooking teacher, friends were our biggest cheerleaders, we grew up amongst the best gurus! We learned something from each other, something from people of different generations!

The Lost Connection:

In the wake of urbanisation, the close-knit communities of yesteryears have become a rarity. With the rapid expansion of cities and the increasing gaps between houses, the sense of connection and neighbourly support has diminished. We find ourselves living in isolated apartments, detached from the rich tapestry of community life.

We don’t know who our neighbours are anymore and hence, are not comfortable with asking them for help. We are fully dependent on gadgets/ the internet to learn a recipe, educate ourselves with missed classes at school, get inspiration from interviews online, etc. We are becoming isolated beings with little to no facetime with our own family members let alone anybody else.

Rediscovering Togetherness:

At the heart of the 2getherments philosophy lies the belief that modern living should be more than just physical spaces. It should provide opportunities for residents to connect, collaborate, grow, inspire, and get inspired by one another. By creating shared spaces, and encouraging neighbourly interactions, 2getherments aims to reignite the spirit of togetherness.

At 2getherments, we strongly believe that inter-generational mingling has a positive impact on our personal growth. Be it the youth inspiring elders to stay up-to-date with all the trends or the kids learning the lessons of life from seniors, it is imperative that our community design provides spaces that encourage interactions. When we have walking encyclopaedias around us, why go anywhere else?

To conclude, in a world where urbanisation has led to detached living, it is crucial to rediscover the importance of community. 2getherments strives to redefine modern living by removing the barriers that separate us and fostering connections that enrich our lives. As we celebrate Guru Purnima, let us reflect on the invaluable lessons learned from our neighbors and embrace the power of togetherness. Together, we can create vibrant communities where every day feels like a celebration of unity, growth, and shared experiences!

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