Homes Tailor-made for Active Seniors

July 11, 2020

Whether it’s enjoying chai after the morning walk, or catching up with friends regarding favorite shows and activities, or comfortably hosting children and grandchildren during their visits, or engaging in activities that improve physical, mental and emotional well-being, you will find your tailored apt solution at 2getherments.

More and more families are moving back to semi-joint family structures. An emerging type of urban Indian family unit is that of senior single parent living with married senior children. Given how critical support for aging individuals is, it is heart-warming to notice that family values continue to stay strong and support for seniors increase among many Indian families.

Home requirements of this family unit are very specific and the solution was designed accordingly. With a growing senior population (from 104 million in 2011 to 173 million  by 2026), increase in life expectancy, and aspirations of active senior living, the need for specific housing solutions is high amongst Indian seniors.

Nowadays, with children travelling across the country or world, home town can be where their friends, children or interests are present. With those aspirations comes typical pain points that families face including:

    1. Feeling stressed on how much chores there are to do around the house.
    2. Wanting to improve the all-round well-being of aging parent.
    3. Hosting adult children and young grandchildren.
    4. Staying connected to friends, extended families and neighbours.

Easy to maintain homes-

Home is designed to be empathic to the aesthetic, functional and practical needs of the active user’s family as well as their belongings. Have you thought of having a clutter-free home? Like for example, outdoor clutter can be minimized by using the wall mounted shoe cupboards. Having understood your everyday unsaid difficulties in living, we are giving you a convenient, easy to maintain home.

Many practical needs have been accommodated in this space such as option for an elegant console with drawers for bills, letters, milk card, newspaper cards, etc. Adequate storage has been designed for newspapers, additional shoes, rainwear, umbrellas and shopping bags. This has been tucked discreetly under the comfortable bench seats.

Elder Parent’s room-

A door from the dining area leads to the master bed room. This large room has space to accommodate a king bed or two single beds, based on end-user preference two side table, a chest of drawers (with a table top mirror) that also functions as a dresser. This dresser can accommodate everyday cosmetics, toiletry, fashion accessories, hair grooming tools and equipment, small garments, towels and extra bathroom toiletry. A full length mirror may be installed on the bathroom door, next to the dresser.

Wall length wardrobe with full height sliding doors providing adequate storage for everyday clothes, special occasion clothes, spare bed linen, extra pillows and blankets, extra hand bags, ties and belts, secured drawers for valuables and personal documents.

Care has been taken to optimally locate switches and plug points including wall holder for A/C remote. Wall art, family photos, etc can be hung above the head board of the bed.

A standing balcony for potted plants on shelves has been provided to create a green outdoor space and bring green living into the private spaces as well.

Master Bathroom-

The ensuite bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. Elegantly designed fixtures include wash basin on counter top comfortable WC a shower area. This dry bath room has been designed to reduce water spillover near the wash basin and the WC area. This can be achieved by installing an elegant shower curtain or upgrade to a shower door.

Option for under-sink storage has been provided for extra toiletries and towels. Option for a discrete storage has been provided with hooks for toilet brush, toilet broom and a small shelf for cleaning liquids.

Bedroom for floating Children-

Think of it as a multifunctional room, which has space to accommodate several needs such as: A pull out bed, which folds away to increase seating area when siblings or families come to visit / spend time with the senior parent. Also includes a convenient nook that provides a table space for writing, storage for books and provision for entertainment unit and TV screen.

A long wardrobe provide storage for suit cases, clothes, toiletry, secured drawer for valuables, spare linen, spare towels etc.

2getherments area-

The concept of “non-familial intergenerational interactions” is centred on the seemingly simple idea that old and young can bring new energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to each other’s lives. It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but research has proven that these interactions can have fantastic benefits for each generation.

In Australia and the UK, studies have shown that activities that include children and older adults can increase self-esteem and promote friendships. In Japan, shared play activities have been found to result in greater smiles and more conversation for elders.

Intergenerational activities show elders that they are valued as individuals that still possess lifelong skills rather than just being passive recipients of care. The little ones bring a new sense of vibrancy and fun and the focus is no longer on watching time pass but on living in the moment. These days extended families are separated by distance and time, but programmes that bring children and older adults together could change the whole of society’s outlook. Children are the worlds’ future but that doesn’t mean we should consign older generations to the past.

An article by CatrinHedd Jones, Lecturer, Bangor University. Republished under Creative Commons licence.

Let’s talk-

Every conversation is an opportunity to share and to learn from each other. We can find information, friendship and wisdom in the meaningful engagement with people across all walks of life. And at the conversation court in the third floor, it is easy to pull up a chair and join the table as neighbours and friends share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. And who knows? Perhaps the next start-up idea may crop up during a conversation? Or a better tool to manage your personal finances? Or even share a few parenting tips from the older families to younger ones?

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” – Amadeus Wolfe

At 2getherments, we will be issuing periodic insights on such topics. Connect to us at, if you’d like to know more.

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