Workshop at KSR's Togetherments, Hyderabad

February 15, 2023
A Wonderful Learning Experience! 

Co-creating vertical eco-habitats is our main motto. In this process, we believe in conducting multiple workshops and events that allow 2gians(2getherments’ customers) to not just understand more about 2getherments but also practically learn from experts in the field. We believe in involving and encouraging 2gians to utilize all the facilities that have been provided within the sustainable community. These workshops or events can be something as complex as Kitchen Gardening, Waste Management, and Decluttering, or as simple as residents coming 2gether to watch an IPL match or to celebrate a fellow resident's birthday. The constant support and enthusiasm shown by 2gians motivate us to conduct more and more events/ workshops.

On the 12th of February 2023, we conducted a Decluttering and Organising workshop for the residents of KSR’s Togetherments, Miyapur, Hyderabad. We were overwhelmed by the response we received. We had called in an expert in the field to make the workshop a great learning experience for the attendees.

About the expert:

Chaitanya Bonthapally, a Konmari Consultant, is the founder of Mirraki, a company that specializes in decluttering and organizing. She believes that a decluttered and organized home/ office space means a minimal, decluttered, and organized life. She wants to help Indian families organize their space effectively and efficiently.

About the workshop:

Our expert took the stage to explain the importance of decluttering and organizing. She gave a live demonstration and included 2gians of all ages to take part in organizing a full wardrobe. We had active participation from kids and elders and got great feedback from them. From 12th February to 18th February, we are organizing a decluttered material collection drive by Goonj at KSR’s Togetherments.

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