Embracing self sufficiency at 2getherments!

August 1, 2023

In a world where our dependence on finite resources is increasing, it's essential for all of us to take immediate action to reduce our impact on the planet. At 2getherments, we believe in going beyond the role of consumers and becoming producers of our own sustenance. Embracing self-sufficiency is not only beneficial for our environment but also brings us closer to our roots, where communities thrived on growing their own food and living sustainably. In this blog, we explore the significance of self-sustaining homes and the advantages of growing our own produce.

Returning to our Roots:

More than 2500 years ago, Indian farmers had already developed advanced systems of farming. Our country's agrarian past ensured that people consumed what was grown locally, fostering a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. At 2getherments, we draw inspiration from this heritage and seek to bring back the essence of sustainable living through modern innovations.

Nutrition and Health:

Growing your own food offers a number of health benefits. Freshly harvested produce is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing a diverse and nutritious diet. Unlike store-bought produce that may lose its nutritional value during transportation and storage, homegrown vegetables offer optimal freshness and flavor.

Chemical-Free Gardening:

When you tend to your own garden, you have full control over the growing environment. At 2getherments, we encourage organic gardening practices, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides. Natural remedies and sustainable techniques ensure a healthy and eco-friendly garden.

A Holistic Approach:

Gardening not only nourishes the body but also enriches the mind and soul. Engaging in this fruitful activity provides a great workout while soaking in beneficial Vitamin D from sunlight, promoting overall well-being and bone health.

Environmental Responsibility:

By growing your own food, you contribute to reducing the reliance on long-distance transportation that heavily depends on fossil fuels. Embracing self-sufficiency aligns with 2getherments' commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle, fostering a more sustainable future for our planet.

Eating Fresh and Seasonal:

Embracing self-sufficiency challenges us to eat in-season, savoring the peak flavors and nutrients of freshly harvested vegetables. The abundance from our gardens inspires us to get creative in the kitchen, ensuring nothing goes to waste, and reducing food's carbon footprint.


At 2getherments, we believe in nurturing a culture of self-sufficiency, where each individual contributes to a healthier, greener future. By embracing our roots and cultivating sustainable practices, we can create homes that are not only nurturing for our residents but also gentle on the environment. Let's join hands and embark on a journey towards a more self-sufficient, eco-friendly lifestyle at 2getherments

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