Creating Homes and Neighbourhoods, not just Buildings - A Note from our MD

June 28, 2022

2getherments as a company strongly believes in designing communities that adapt to the needs of its residents. This belief was inculcated into us by 30+ years of various experiences in this industry as Fhd Consultants and Lahari Constructions. All these years, we were designing buildings and advising large developers on how to build better environments that catered to the needs & aspirations of our end-users. But advice at the end of the day was just that…an advice. And the influence we wielded to change the built environment wasn’t as ambitious as we had hoped. The changes and impact we had were incremental, but that wasn’t enough and we were getting impatient.

We realized we didn’t want to just design buildings, we wanted to design living solutions. We realized we didn’t want short-term solutions. We want longterm change that is beneficial for our end users, for the people who use, occupy and maintain these habitats. And we realized that sustained change is possible when we focus on ‘Triple Bottom Line Businesses’, where there is a positive impact on People, Planet and Prosperity. As Indian cities grow bigger and bigger, our communities grow taller and taller - until our aspiration for newer heights is disproportionately increasing our isolation and alienation from each other. 

We wanted to make everyday living easy for our urbanites. We wanted to snatch and give back time to urban families, so they can indulge in the act of joyful living. In this post-pandemic world, we also wanted to see if we could create a functional and logical solution to enable a better working atmosphere for our urbanites. This intention evolved into 2getherments.

Designing Collective Living Solutions by Co-Creating empathic spaces is our mission & vision!


Founder & Managing Director

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