Act of Segregation at Home Level

June 28, 2022

Managing trash or waste has always been a serious concern which is rapidly escalating with fastpaced urban development. Similar to any other Indian metros with a rising population, Bengaluru is also under tremendous pressure of managing the waste generated daily. The city has faced many critical circumstances in the last few years concerning waste management, which led to the initiation of new policies to curb this problem. 

However, this issue will prevail all over the world until the end consumers begin to take charge of the situation. This change demands a collective effort from all stakeholders within the waste generation cycle. 

To talk about a few progressive initiatives, the corporate sector in Bengaluru is spearheading the waste management initiative. They are endeavouring to educate their employees and facilities teams on the importance of waste segregation at the source itself by installing colour-coded garbage bins. The process just doesn’t end there. They are also associating with local waste management companies to ensure that waste is diverted from landfills. However, various obstacles still prevail on the ground for residential communities. Some of the crucial reasons towards this problem could be the lack of awareness on waste segregation at source, lack of proper infrastructure within the community, lack of resources to divert the segregated waste, etc., 

We believe that these fundamental issues shall be addressed at the community level itself. Hence through this project, we are intending to bridge the gap between the efforts of the residents and waste management agencies to divert from the landfills. The support of efficient equipment and appropriate building infrastructure/space appears to be the elemental barriers to facilitate a low waste community. 

Moreover, with very little effort of segregating waste at home, the future residents of 2getherments will be able to enjoy the advantages of waste management as they would be using the manure generated in their own square foot gardens. What goes out as waste, comes back home as organic fresh food produce. The purpose is to close the loop in the waste stream and waste management companies play a significant role in this cycle. 

BBMP states that Bengaluru generates about 3,000 to 3,500 tonnes of solid waste every day, and the onus lies in the hands of each one of individuals to make the right choice from the time we purchase new goods to the time the waste is diverted from landfills. The key is to first REDUCE, then REUSE and lastly RECYCLE.

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