4 reasons why mainstream apartments are not suited for families like yours

May 13, 2021

Research shows that over the last couple of decades in design & development experience, many Indian families have come to realise that mainstream apartments are perhaps not the ideal solution for them. 

But why is that?

Let’s take a closer look:

1. As urbanites, we’ve become Global/ Glocal citizens but remain extremely private at home. We reach our homes, shut our apartment doors on many serendipitous social interactions. 

2. Couples have started working and earning together and have very busy schedules. But are our homes adapting to the pace and needs? What is perceived as a better standard of living is having a significant impact on our personal and family time. 

3. While people & technologies were changing over the last 40 years, our homes were not. No matter what our needs and aspirations are, we’ve all had to fit OUR life into the home we buy and not the other way around. 

4. We used to live an earth-friendly lifestyle several decades ago. But over time, environmental responsibility and Going Green have become a subject of luxury instead of a norm. Can it be instead deeply integrated into everything we do and how we live?

 If we were to turn back turnback the clock and think about how we used to live, we see a very different picture of Indian Living.

 1. We always belonged to a community and to our neighborhood. We were part of a Casually Caring Community, where interactions between elders, youngsters, children, neighbours, friends happened naturally and regularly.

2. Streets were more of an extension of outdoor living rather than the unsafe demarcation they’ve become today. Houses never Houses never felt small. 

3. Neighbourhoods were active civic spaces, adapting fluidly to the needs & moods of the residents. It was always about growing with them, learning with them, living with them, mourning with them, and celebrating with them!!  

After 2 years of research, design, and product development, we came up with 2getherments- our answer to those above concerns. 2getherments is an apt, culturally relevant, and empathic housing solution.

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