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What does Indian living mean for the Urbanite Family? – Part 3

In part 1 and part 2, we covered the extroversion and social engagement aspects incorporated into 2getherment’s design. In part 3, we will talk more about apt home design.

We looked at how the conventional apartments are composed where the apartments are based on number of ‘Bedrooms’ in BHK and carpet area of unit. The space design and interior design are though in a mutually exclusive way, will be a typical solution offered to any user persona irrespective of what they may or may not actually require.

Home and furniture -a misfit love affair! Furniture many not fit into the home. Home cannot accommodate additional storage. Although there are multiple small balconies, they are not fully functional or adequately usable. Utility area is an empty balcony with tap connections, where the end user and their home keepers have to squeeze fit their needs.

Approach to Home Design

“2getherments” deeply understands the user in terms of spatial requirement, relationship between the space and usage and the user experience.

  1. Homes are centered on the needs and requirements of end-user to create a healthy Indian Lifestyle.
  2. Pre customized space design and interior planning are fully informed of end user’s needs and requirement.
  3. Transformative furniture adapt to the space needs of the end users. Homes design accommodate typical furniture needed for families. Storage needs are specifically recommended.
  4. Large usable balcony used as an extended outdoor living space for the whole family, be it for craft projects with kids or a moonlight family dinner.
  5. Utility area is designed in detail noting the needs, frequency and intensity of use as well as practical consideration of an active family and their housekeeping staff.

2g homes are Subjective homes. While they are already pre-designed keeping the habits, needs and requirements of working couple and active 50s urban families, each home accommodates a certain flexibility to be personalized to each family and respond subjectively to that family. Units, while enjoying a certain level of privacy, are clustered around active congregation spaces where they are lined along corridor-streets that are personal and varied. This brings back a collective Indian street architecture to vertical urban living.

At 2getherments, we will be issuing periodic insights on such topics. Connect to us at social@2getherments.com if you’d like to know more.

2g Team

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