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CALL US : +91 80 9960 9960

Different families different needs

After speaking to multiple Indian Families, we’ve identified different family types and designed homes as per their family requirement. With concrete jungles all around, homes have become templates in which people are made to fit in. Here, we do just the opposite. We take you along the journey of building your home. We understand your personality, analyze your unstated needs and design a home that adapts to every person of your family

Active 50

With Floating Kids & Parents
With Floating Kids

we’ve designed the units for senior families; homes that also have multi-tasking spaces; homes that change from time-consuming habitats to time-earning habitats. This larger design intent will become evident from the solutions and provisions that have been included to help address these specific aspirations of such families.

Working Couple

With Kids
With Kids and Parents

Whether it’s having a cuppa together, chatting up with the family while making breakfast during morning rush, reviewing the children’s homework or watching television while working on something else in the evenings, we have visualized possible scenarios and endeavored to make your home experience enjoyable.

Experience your family

The key design driver was to integrate our horizontal living ideas into a vertical structure, weaving a dream which is beautifully visualized and realized. From the youngest member of a family to the oldest, every resident’s wish list is taken into account and incorporated seamlessly. If you think it’s a tall order, just step in. Spaces speak louder than statements.

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Music room

Experience Working Couple, Active Aging, Experience Active 50, Active Living, Making New Friends, Socializing, 5th

Dance Room

Experience Working Couple, Active Aging, Experience Active 50, Active Living, Visiting Kids, 5th, Explore

Loungers Lawn

Experience Working Couple, Experience Active 50, Making New Friends, Socializing, Elders, Elders, 2nd, Interact, Explore