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Empathic home design apt for Active retired families Urbanites

A lot has changed in typical senior retirement lifestyle experience in the last 3 decades. Earlier, middle-class families worked through their life, held one job, lived in one city, built/bought a home, and after retirement, drew pensions/ savings and lead quiet retired lives. While some of them were not financially dependent on their children, they needed emotional, mental and at times physical support from their adult children.

Nowadays, seniors are looking forward to an active retired life and to indulge in interests and community engagements that they had little time for during their working life. Travel, gardening, community service are high up on their priority list, along with support for their grandchildren upbringing. While some would like to move away from the big cities, others choose to stay back as there is a larger support system in place for their growing needs (such as better healthcare facilities, social engagements, professional opportunities, etc).

Earlier, studies and careers took families to different places. But when it came to retiring, most families choose to come back to their hometowns. Nowadays, with children travelling across the country and globe, home town can be where their friends, children or interests are present. With those aspirations comes typical pain points senior families face including:

  • Feeling social loneliness with limited opportunity to increase friend circle
  • Having limited access to pursue fitness activities
  • Having limited access to pursue hobbies and sports

Hosting made easy for Seniors

Want to grab a meal before work? How about a healthy snack in the evening for your children and parents? Unexpected guests and no snacks at home? No worries. With the on-site open-air Organic Dhaba, you have the convenience of having healthy dishes to choose from and have them served at your home or in the Dhaba. The choice is yours.

Commit to be fit

You’ve found your tribe: a family to cherish, neighbors to socialize with, friends to play with, fellow gardeners to raise greens with. And now it is time to make time for you and your fitness. After hours sitting in front of the laptop, nothing compares to 30-45 minutes workout. Are you into strength training or cardio? Prefer calisthenics or core building? With the on-site two-level gym, you can focus on your preferred form of exercise and tailor your work out. Why not hire a personal trainer to tutor you? Or get your buddies together for group training? Now you have no excuse to get going and to get fit.


Streaming music

We are meticulous in choosing schools and extra-classes for our children. We work around schedules to ensure they are regular with their after-school classes. Also, many of us have learnt music as children and would love to practice our skills. But with family and work responsibilities, following our music interests sometimes takes a back seat. With the convenience of having on-site music studio, it becomes easier to hire qualified instructors to teach vocal or instrumental music. Plus there is the added benefit of not having to commute to music academies/studios. So, looks like there are no excuses to come together and create your own music band.


Dancing to your heart’s content

India is a country with a very rich dance tradition. Did you know there are 8 and more classical dance forms in India? Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam are amongst the most popular. With growing interests in dance forms such as Hip-hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and Fusion, we see more and more dance studio opening up across the city and country. And people across age groups are enrolling in these classes. Having an on-site dance studio helps address these similar concerns. Qualified trainers can be hired to teach various dance forms based on the need, timings and conveniences of the students both young and old. So, ready to wear your dancing shoes?

At 2getherments, we will be issuing periodic insights on such topics. Connect to us at social@2getherments.com if you’d like to know more.

2g Team

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