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CALL US : +91 80 9960 9960

The New Normal of Vertical Living

In less complicated times, every street in India invariably had a gathering place where some elderly person would beckon all the children and impart their stories, and in turn their wisdom, to the assembled crowd. These tales varied from region to region, and as they were told to a different audience, subtle changes would often get introduced to the tale. Soon, several variations of the same tale would get created by different storytellers, creating a fond sense of nostalgia as the listeners clamored to tell their versions of the story.  At 2getherments, we dream of creating these horizontal living ideas into vertical spaces.

Multiple activities, multiple interactions

We designed a community where the clubhouse and gardens are not isolated ones but are spaces that we experience everyday while walking in and out of our homes.

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Dance Room

Experience Working Couple, Active Aging, Experience Active 50, Active Living, Visiting Kids, 5th, Explore

Loungers Lawn

Experience Working Couple, Experience Active 50, Making New Friends, Socializing, Elders, Elders, 2nd, Interact, Explore

Music room

Experience Working Couple, Active Aging, Experience Active 50, Active Living, Making New Friends, Socializing, 5th