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RERA registration number P02400000101
CALL US : +91 80 9960 9960
CALL US : +91 80 9960 9960

About us

We believe in identifying, engaging deeply with and simplifying the complexities of projects. We go by the motto that Good Design is always simple. It should provoke and stimulate but not be or seem unnatural. Excellence in design and its successful execution are central to our approach. In our endeavour to create great spaces, as committed designers our responsibilities are dual in nature: Professional and Creative.


2getherments dreams of an urban India which prioritizes people’s interests over commercial interests. Our homes are built keeping in mind sustainability so that the community as a whole can grow ‘2gether.’


Frugal. Apt. Cultural. Empathic. We create houses which suit your wallet, sensibilities, lifestyle, and the community. 2getherments are built to nurture your needs, and those of the people around you.


Our mission is to come up with products specific to you – the urban dweller in a crowded metro – and get rid of the problems involved in the nitty-gritty of your life with our housing solutions.

Flagship Projects

India’s first net-zero community Organo

In the midst of intense and relentless urban development, corporatization and fast-paced lifestyle, comes a new way of life. A life we’ve long forgotten. A life that connects past with the present.

A life that is vital not just for our future but for the future of our Planet and humanity in general. Presenting Organo – a way of life for the passionate and for the conscious, which counters urbanization through its Rurban (A perfect blend of Rural & Urban) communes. A revival of age-old ancient eco-living by integrating 7 strands of sustainability to build a community which occupies only 8% of the land while utilizing 92% to create an organic food forest.

Our Involvement: Research | Architecture | Development | Interiors | Landscaping

Board of Directors


Founder & Director

Nagesh Kumar Battula leads the Design Expertise which distinguishes 2getherments. The Managing Director & CEO of the Fountainhead Design (FHD) Group, Nagesh is recognizable as the brains behind the self-sustainable community Organo, among more than 800 other projects. Known for being completed within time and on budget, Organo has changed the way people in Hyderabad live, keeping them closer to nature and the society as a whole.


Managing Director

Harinath lends his Construction Expertise to 2getherments. A civil engineer by profession, he is a well-known name in Hyderabad, with over 70 residential projects in and around the city. He founded Lahari Constructions in 1990 which has since then experience sustained and study growth. He is a leader of great repute and calibre and construction and project management. He has a dynamic personality and his committed to lead and work with dedication and determination.



Raj, as familiarly addressed, is the backbone of Marketing and Sales at FHD, with a focus on international and national business development, strategic planning and deal negotiations. He has an experience of over 15 years in the field of business development, design and construction. He has been instrumental in helping developers, landowners and institutions exceed those aspirations. Being an entrepreneur himself, Raj, started his first firm Shobha Lighting Design (SLD) in 1997.



With over 20 years of experience in the field of interior designing, Vijaya is heading the Interiors team at FHD. She has an eye for detail and a great sense of color, fixtures and finishes, enabling her to take impeccable decisions on the spot. She shares the vigor to develop Organo, as a highly productive yet aesthetically pleasing farming community.